#1 Penknife pencil sharpening

Number 1 out of 50 things to do with a penknife [1]currently $4- $15 at Amazon.com and £7.72 at Amazon UK, according to the book’s author Matt Collins, is (… drum roll): Sharpen a pencil!

(Image © Matt Collins)
(Image © Matt Collins)

I believe that the use of this excerpt, taken from the book 50 things to do with a penkinfe by Matt Collins, falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service


2 thoughts on “#1 Penknife pencil sharpening”

  1. Garth Gilmore

    I’ve done this with my wooden-barrel pencils since I was in college, although I learned this early on: don’t use a razor-edge/blade such as an X-Acto knife, unless you have protection for your hands and fingers or have much better motor-push control in your hands than I do.

    The sharpest knife I use for this purpose is a click-clutch cutting knife, because the edge can be given a ‘short’ limit by pulling back the snap-off blades until you have between two and four millimeters exposed of cutting edge, then locking the knife-clutch lock for safety as you would for any project use. As long as you’re reasonably careful, the shorter breadth of blade will prevent most accidental ‘slide’ cutting if you misjudge the pushing you do of your knife against the wood (compared to an inch or more of X-Acto/razor blade edge),

    Unless I was very sure of myself or familiar with the particular blade, I would no more use a four-inch penknife to do this, any more than I would use a serrated steak knife for the same purpose.


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