Stationery Shopping in Germany

After several blog posts and videos about stationery shopping in Shanghai today’s post is about stationery shopping in Germany.

The video shows one of Müller’s branches’ stationery selection. Originally a pharmacy, Müller are now a chain selling all sorts of items.

The video is in 4K, so you’ll see more details if you open it in YouTube instead of watching it embedded in this blog post.

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On a different note: a former colleague [1]Thanks, Mark. sent me a link to this article from The New York Times Magazine today:

Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

The pictures are droolworthily excellent. Have a look.


1 Thanks, Mark.

3 thoughts on “Stationery Shopping in Germany”

  1. The online inks you presented are available in Romania and i do not think they are that new.
    the pricing on the rotring tikky 5 euro.. I can buy them for 2.1 euro, just imagine the gross profit x5.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    Rares, I assumed they are new as I haven’t seen them in the UK or during previous trips to Germany. Mechanical pencil prices seem to go up steadily. A while ago when the economy was doing better most mechanical pencils from good brands were round £1.99. Now many have more than doubled here in the UK 8(

    Michael, oh I am surprised. I assumed in the US there would be much more choice, e.g. if you go to Staples or Target, etc, just with the difference that (I think) European brands are not very popular in the US so it’s mainly Japanese brands.

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