Pencil Pot Of The Month – December 2016 2


Description: A pencil pot made from fabric and leather. Made in Japan by Horishima based United Bees.

Price: Unknown, it was a gift

Material: Leather (handle) and a fabric similar to what you find on backpacks

Further information: I got this pencil pot as a gift from Yumiko from Japan (Thanks). It comes with a cross type divider you often get with pencil pots – when you look from the top a cross divides the pencil pot space into four equal sections. I saw on the label that it is made in Japan, but didn’t want to check the manufacturer’s web site for more info as I thought that would bring me to the price and it didn’t feel right to  look up the price of a gift.


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2 thoughts on “Pencil Pot Of The Month – December 2016

  • Sean

    Great photos and thanks for sharing them.

    I was wondering whether it feels a little tippy — like it might fall over if the sections aren’t filled evenly. If that’s so, I wonder if putting some marbles in each section might prevent that, which might also give you a little more control over the arrangement?

  • Matthias

    Thanks for your comment.
    Good thinking, but the PPOTM is surprisingly stable, even if only one of the four compartments is filled with heavy Wopex pencils.