Kaweco justice

Not sure why, but the artist who drew the fountain pen on the cover of this brochure from the Bavarian Ministry of Justice decided to even draw the Kaweco logo on the fountain pen. 

In case you wonder, the advice on the brochure is about preparing for old age etc and what documents to fill in. 

Seen in a book store. 

7 thoughts on “Kaweco justice”

  1. Very nice find!
    It looks exactly like my all time favourite fountain pen, the Kaweco Dia 2. (the nib shown in the hand drawing is clearly not the original (small) one, but probably the bigger version of nib/feed-unit called “Bock 076”, which – by the way – fits perfectly in the Dia 2 and Sport Al Series.

  2. Thank you for your comment and for the explanation. Will the bigger nib not touch the cap, when closed?

  3. No, the nib doesn’t touch the cap, I measured before installing the nib/feed-unit and there’s 0,5 – 1 mm space left after screwing the cap completely down.

    I just took this photo for you of my Dia 2 with the big nib, please have a look:

    In my opinion, for ~ 10 Euros this is a fantastic upgrade.

  4. Thank you for the photo.
    Is the bigger nib more flexible (I am just asking because they often are) or how does it differ in performance?

  5. The photo link (posted by Harold) of the Kaweco Dia2 with Bock 076 nib swap does not seem to be working. Would it be possible for someone to email me a copy of the photo to satisfy my curiosity? There is a note on the penexchange.de website in their Pen-Wiki section on the subject of Bock Nib Compatibility stating that Kaweco themselves have confirmed that the Bock 076 fits OK in the Dia2. I used Google Translate so I can’t be certain of the accuracy of the translation to English.

  6. Thanks Matthias. Shortly after posting my request, I found a thread on the penexchange.de website on the very subject of Kaweco Dia2 nib swaps, complete with photos. So, it probably isn’t necessary for Harold to re-post his image. If anyone else is interested, the link to the thread is https://www.penexchange.de/forum_neu/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=22256&p=231185&hilit=kaweco+dia2#p231185. It’s in German, so Google Translate required for non-German speakers. I apologise for going off-topic.

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