Two deliveries – from Japan and Germany


What an exciting day. I got two deliveries, one from Japan and one from Germany.

Both seem to be XL... (Japan in green, Europe in yellow)
Both seem to be XL… (Japan in green, Europe in yellow)

The parcel from Japan was sent from Yumiko, a friend of Sean, who helped me get a few things I couldn’t order myself …including Uniqlo’s Tombow t-shirts. I was able to get the Pelikan version here in Europe, but the Tombow version is not being sold here.

I was hoping that the Japanese XL will be similar in size to the European XL, especially since the t-shirts being sold here come with English/Japanese tags, but unfortunately it turned out that the Japanese XL is at least one size smaller than the European version – so the t-shirts won’t fit unless I lose a lot of weight. I guess I should see this as my incentive to lose more weight ..but I don’t think it’s achievable for me to fit into these anytime soon.

...the tags are different though
…the tags are different though

There was also something else in the parcel. Something very special.

Special Hi-uni

Not as posh as the ones shown on Contrapuntalism, but nevertheless extremely nice. Lexikaliker had similar ones, too.


The other parcel did contain a replacement Pollux. You might remember that had problems with my first Pollux. Thanks to Lexikaliker, without whom I wouldn’t have any Pollux, I got a replacement

Here’s a quick look at the replacement Pollux.

As a comparison: the second video features a knife sharpened pencil. You can also see Staedtler’s sand paper in the second video.


A Pollux sharpened Mars Lumograph
A Pollux sharpened Mars Lumograph

Lexikaliker has a blog post about the unsharpened Mars Lumograph pencils.

2 thoughts on “Two deliveries – from Japan and Germany”

  1. I suppose this means that you are the only owner of *two* Polluxen in all of Preston?

    Though I didn’t take photos I had my Pollux with me for my trip to Pennsylvania, so it might have been the first Pollux in American airspace (on the East Coast at least).. 🙂

  2. Hehe, I wish I had two, but I sent the problematic one back and got this one instead.
    I wonder whether your Pollux is the first in America (or even the first outside Europe?) and the most travelled one.
    It’s funny how some things end up being difficult to get hold of in many places (like me trying to get hold of an Orenz Mannish at the moment, and undoubtedly many in the US trying to get hold of the Pollux after seeing it on your blog) – it just underlines again how niche our hobby is.

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