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Möbius+Ruppert Pollux

You might remember Lexikaliker’s blog post about Möbius+Ruppert’s new sharpeners Castor and Pollux. Well, thanks to Lexikalier’s generosity I got my hand on half of these geminis, I even got the more interesting half: the Pollux, a brass sharpener that’s producing a concave tip.

Möbius+Ruppert Pollux

Lexikaliker has already covered all important points in his blog post about the Pollux, so I’ll keep it short and will just add a few of my impressions.

A pencil point before the blade treatment

A pencil point before the blade treatment

Out of the box the sharpener did sharpen well, but it was tearing/ripping the wood more than it should. Strangely enough the graphite point was cut very well, so I am not sure what exactly caused this behaviour that only affects the wood, not the graphite part.

You can see what exactly happened in this video:




A pencil point after the blade treatment

A pencil point after the blade treatment

I tried fixing it by sharpening the blade, first on a Belgian whetstone. You might have seen this stone in my videos about the Little Shaver. Unfortunately it wasn’t abrasive enough or I didn’t try long enough. I then tried my luck with Spyderco’s Sharpmaker and I got great results. After soe work on the blade the Pollux sharpened like a dream. Before working on the blade it produced shavings with holes in it, because the wood was torn. The shavings themselves had a thickness of around 0.25mm. After my blade treatment the shavings were thinner, 0.15mm thin – very thin.

Here’s a video I made after I worked on the blade:

Noris shavings from the Pollux

Noris shavings from the Pollux

Like Lexikaliker I measured an angle of around 18.5° for the pencil points produced by the Pollux.

The case drom my DUX DX4322 is a great fit for the Pollux

The case from my DUX DX4322 is a great fit for the Pollux

I have added the Pollux to my list of sharpeners.

Please open the images in a new tab to see them in high resolution.

Please open the videos in Youtube to watch them in 4K.

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8 thoughts on “Pollux

  • Gunther

    Thank you for that detailed review! Your first results are really odd since my Pollux works flawlessly. I am happy to hear that you like the Pollux! – It is great to hear that the Pollux fits into the case of the DX4322.

  • Matthias

    Thank you very much for your comments.

    Gunther, I agree. I have a few hypotheses, but no way of testing what is actually going on.
    There are a few things going on, but without more investigation or comparison I don’t want to write about it on the web. Another idea is that the brass body might be slightly different to what it should be. If I ever get some concrete evidence of what’s going on I will let you know.

    John, it was easier than sharpening the little shaver, the little shaver’s blade was blunt, but with the Pollux the blade wasn’t really blunt..
    I think Fred Aldous might be a good bet. They even have Staedtler’s Wopex sharpener! …but unfortunately too expensive compared to what you pay abroad..

  • Gunther

    I wonder if the blade was mounted incorrectly and was in the correct position only after remounting. – I would rule out the possibility that the brass body is different to what it should be. – How exactly did you sharpen the blade in the Spyderco’s Sharpmaker? In other words: What did the Sharpmaker change?

  • memm Post author

    I don’t think it was the mounting, because the blade didn’t improve after my first, extremly careful attempts: When I tried the Belgian whetstone I moved the blade in a circular motion, but not too much and it didn’t help. Next was the Sharpmaker, which is very long, so I mainly moved the blade sideways. After a while you could see it being polished and the original scratches/lines from factory sharpening, perpendicular to the blade stated to disappear, first in the middle. I didn’t want to overdo it and stopped at that stage. The blade was then much better, but I think my treatment is wearing off again and sharpening is becoming less smooth.

  • Michael grayson

    how is this different than the dux sharpener from Germany? and how do i get a sample? i teach kids drawing and painting and have never heard anything of this company.
    thank you for your time and efforts.
    Michael grayson
    thermopolis studios
    160 boulder dv
    buhl idaho. 83316

  • Cetin

    Is the case from the DUX DX4322 available without the DUX sharpener? Is it made of genuine leather?