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In the last few days I had more visitors than usual, so I had a look where they came from. Turns out that both the Pen Addict Podcast and Erasable linked to my blog, with more than 100 visitors coming from the Pen Addict Podcast and more than ten visitors coming from the Erasable Podcast. Thank you.


Anyway, this blog post was supposed to be about something else: about the Label Roll I bought in my local Tesco homeplus for £4 (~$6.30; €5.60). Not cheap, 3M products never seem to be, at least not here in the UK, but they always seem to be useful and last a long time. Post-its don’t seem suitable to label things, the glued area on the back is just too small and won’t last long enough – and their labels, which have the whole back glued, are even more expensive.


One of the main advantages for me is that the labels are much bigger than what you get from a embosser / demo label maker, so it is easier to read on big items. So, despite the expensive price tag quite a nice new item of stationery.

Price and exchange rates: June 2015

3 thoughts on “Label Roll”

  1. I used to use wider memo tapes with grid lines on it. It’s available here, the brand is usually “PENSÉE”. If you like your tapes to be wider then I recommend that 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comments and for telling me about these products.

    John, I don’t think I’ve seen these filing tabs before. They look a bit like some reusable labels I had for 5 1/4″ floppy discs in the 80s. You could write on them with permanent markers. If the price is similar to the one from your link I will get some when I see them.

    Sola, the Pensée tapes are not common in the UK, but they do look even more useful than the one I am using!

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