I lost my Perfect Pencil

It looks as if I lost my Perfect Pencil. My trusted companion since February 2009. With me nearly every single day since I bought it. I guess there is a small chance I will find it again, but that seems unlikely at this stage.

The Castell 9000 version is, in my opinion, by far the best version. I don’t like the look of any of the other Faber-Castell versions and the Graf von Faber-Castell versions are on the one hand a bit too ‘show off’ and they are also very heavy …which makes them feel unbalanced – plus I know from experience that if both of them fall from a meter or so on tarmac the Castell 9000 version will usually survive unharmed while the Graf von version will get a corner chipped off, because its weight made the fall so much worse.



The picture is from an old blog post about the Pencil Cedar – when I still had my Perfect Pencil.


The big question: should I buy a new one, the green one again? They got more expensive in the UK. I bought mine from Cult Pens where they now sell for 12% more (when taking VAT out of the equation). On the other hand the refills got nearly 50% cheaper! [1]I used to use the long eraser-tipped 9000 in B to save on refills. Letter colour is different (gold vs silver) and the layout is different, but otherwise they seem identical except length. Even though a 12% price rise seems reasonable they are only half of the UK price when bought at Müller, a German drug store chain.

In the past I was tempted to get the black version. The black version looks as if it would look good with a Noris as a refill, but the only place where I have seen the black version for sale is in Japan, so it does get quite expensive – and currently I shouldn’t really spent money on expensive [2]>£10 stationery.

I’m not sure yet whether I pay the more expensive UK price, wait for a one from Germany or pay the premium to get the black Japanese version.


1 I used to use the long eraser-tipped 9000 in B to save on refills. Letter colour is different (gold vs silver) and the layout is different, but otherwise they seem identical except length.
2 >£10

8 thoughts on “I lost my Perfect Pencil”

  1. A black perfect pencil at the level of the 9000 would be very versatile – I have one of the “Junior” perfect pencils in black (as well as a green 9000 perfect pencil), but I do worry about the former’s fragile seeming clip!

    I think replacing your lost one makes sense, I’m very fond of mine and would miss it if I lost it.

  2. Thank you for your comments.

    Dries, I need another one, the question is £5 for one form Germany (will take long), £10 for one form the UK, or the Japanese version for something like £20 (if I remember right). Good news is that my wife told me that I will get one as a father’s day gift 8^) so problem sorted 8^D

    John, which one is your favourite? The green one?

  3. Hi Mathias, I think the junior is surprisingly good – it feels pretty solidly put together, although I doubt the clip would stand up to much (it’s a moulded part of the pencil cap).

    The junior has a slightly more modern, less “classic” look compared to the 9000. It’s wider, has ridges on the lower part somewhat similar to a tapered version of the “Basic” fountain pen’s grip, and a constant width, ridged sharpener cap that (to my eyes) doesn’t look quite as nice as the flared one on the 9000.

    Given the price though (£3 ish?) I think it’s worth getting a Junior, if only to have a less fancy PP for day to day carrying about.

  4. Thanks for this comparison. After having read your post I definitely want to try the junior version.

  5. Clare Shepherd

    I have the green 9000 and use it all the time in my notebooks, it’s a EDC and I love it. When my present stock of refills is exhausted I intend to use the ordinary pencil with the 9000. If I lost mine, I would be off to Cult Pens like a shot. I live in Devon where they are and receive my goods from them next day, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet andpay the price. I write a lot so comfortable, usable writing instruments are a must.

  6. Thanks for your comment. Good to know that the 9000 version is also loved by others.
    Cult Pens / Royal Mail are really fast. Here in Lancashire I get my order the next day, too. Sometimes Cult Pens even include a little freebie, like a OHTO paper clip or something like that.

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