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Rotring TikkyYou might remember my blog post about stationery becoming more and more expensive …and  my facebook post about the price of the Rotring Tikky.

Well, I got a shock today when I saw that Tesco now charges £5 for the Tikky. It used to cost £1.99 not that long ago…
When it was £1.99 I actually thought it’s too cheap and people might not value this pen because of the price, but now that it has been cheap for a long time in all major shops I don’t understand this price increase that is completely out of line with inflation, either. I guess I must be difficult to please…

2 thoughts on “Going up…”

  1. I’m guessing that £1.99 was a loss leader but £5 is out of order. The recommended retail price for the Tikky pencil is £3.40 with Cult Pens selling them for £2.90. The black version costs 2 pence more for some reason. The ballpoint pen has a RRP of £3.95. Cult Pens price is £3.49. There are probably cheaper places than Cult Pens even in bricks and mortar stores. Tesco is just trying it on.

  2. Thanks for this explanation. I wonder whether the RRP went up, recently. I find it really odd that Tesco charges more than the RRP, on the other hand – I paid £3.60 at Staples last year, which is more than the RRP you mentioned.
    Maybe the £5 price tag is/was a mistake… I’ll have a look again, next time I go to Tesco, maybe the price will have changed by then.
    Were can you find the RRP for their products?

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