‘Dei’ 2

This is just to redirect readers using the ‘dei’ link from Erasable. If you’re looking for the Deli sharpener posts, they can be found at https://bleistift.blog/?s=deli (all articles with ‘Deli’) or https://bleistift.blog/?cat=78 (The blog posts about the 0668 and the 0635).

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2 thoughts on “‘Dei’

  • Johnny

    Doh! Sorry about that. I think I gave Andy the wrong link there.
    I have to share some photos of Charlotte’s little green bell pepper sharpener. The point is alarmingly long for a kids’ sharpener.

  • Matthias

    Johnny, no problem about the wrong link, I’m happy about the link in any case.
    I’ve seen the sharpener you have mentioned in Shanghai, but I haven’t seen the point it will produce. Stationery shops near schools have the pepper one quite often. Last time in Shanghai I went to a distributor of Deli products. I discovered the distributor by coincidence. I was hoping to find new sharpeners that don’t look like they are made for children, but I wasn’t successful.
    Looking forward to seeing more of the pepper sharpener and it’s point.