Lamy Safari at Staples UK

Possibly of interest if you are in the UK: My local Staples in Preston is selling Lamy Safari fountain pens for £5 / £8 (depending on the colour). I assume other Staples stores around the UK have similar offers.

3 thoughts on “Lamy Safari at Staples UK”

  1. true..picked a blue and black up
    went back for the red today , allgone
    my store(wakefield) had some whitenotes bound and sprial bound halfprice or less
    tescos express lately have been selling noris hb x10 & ereaser + sharpener 50p !!!!!
    and because its a blister pack barcode free pencils

  2. Thanks for the tip. What a good price!
    I had a look at two Tescos in Preston last weekend. Unfortunately the Express store didn’t have any pencils, the Homeplus store sold the School Pencils (the ones without bar code), but a pack of 10 was £3, not 50p. I’ll check again next time I’m in a Tesco.

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