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I just found out that RAD AND HUNGRY’s new stationery kit features Germany. I am not a big fan of rollerball pens, but the Stabilo pointVisco is one of the few rollerball pens I really like – in the last few years I bought many of them, from Cult Pens and from local super markets (Sainsbury’s and Tesco, I think), in all sorts of colours, my favourite colours for this pen [1]normally not exactly my favourite colours: green and brown. I am not familiar with the manufacturer of the paper clips in this set, but Brunnen, the manufacturer of the notebook is probably the market leader in Germany and offers good quality notebooks for a good price.


1 normally not exactly my favourite colours

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  1. That’s funny – I live in Germany, and while Brunnen and Stabilo are very familiar to me, I haven’t heard of the paperclips brand KDU before. I had to ask Google to learn that it’s the Königsborner Draht GmbH in Unna.I wonder why they have choosen that of all brands (instead of e. g. the Norica clips with their iconic design).

  2. I have never seen the KDU clips before either. While looking for the KDU yesterday I discovered many new paper clips I have never seen before, including paper clips with numbers “in them” etc. I think I will get some paper clips next time I am in Germany – the ones provided by my employer are rather boring.

  3. The variety is indeed amazing. – Make sure to get some of the Norica brand. The small balls at the end are both useful and appealing! On that occasion: Did you know that Henry Petroski has also talked about the paperclip? His exposition can be found in his book “The Evolution of Useful Things” (Vintage 1994; German edition: “Messer Gabel Reissverschluß”, Birkhäuser 1994); however, it is not as good as “The Pencil”.

  4. Lexikaliker, the Norica is one of the ones I want to buy 🙂 Thank you very much for the information about Petroski’s book. I did not know that and have only read the pencil book so far.

    Andy, I do not like the point 88 pens at all (strangely enough, that did not stop me from buying some), but nevertheless love the pointViscos. I hope you like them. If you want more colours let me know and I will send you some more.

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