After reading Pencil Talk’s post about the Pelikan Souverän M101N and after receiving a NOS “old style” Pelikan M200 yesterday (took only two days from Germany to the UK) here something else about Pelikan:

Pelikan released an iPhone App called PeliCard. You can use it to write digital postcards (some of the postcards can be seen here). You can even choose between different (virtual) nibs and colours for your postcards.

My wife used to have an iPhone, but she has another phone now and I don’t have an iPhone either, so I could not try this App out. If you have used this App please let me know what you think about it and whether it is available in English.

2 thoughts on “PeliCard”

  1. I have tried to download the App now and unfortunately it’s only available in the German iTunes Store, so I cannot download 🙁
    The picture look interesting and I would have loved to test it.

  2. That is really a shame. I emailed Pelikan to find out whether it will be released in English and in other iTunes stores. I hope they will answer.

    About the German iTunes store, I am not sure how it works on an iPhone, but on a Mac you can change to the iTunes store of another country – I can switch to the German store even though I am in the UK.

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