7 thoughts on “Touch screen pencil”

  1. Now that’s a funny looking device! Does is serve another purpose? It looks like it is big enough to contain a real pencil and a small piece of paper 😉

  2. It looks really large and cumbersome. Couldn’t I use a regular pencil, just flip it over and use the eraser? I think a regular pencil would work better. Plus this large pencil is just one more thing to carry around.

  3. Gunther and Eric, thank you for your comments.
    I like the idea that the stylus looks like a pencil, but it is just too big to be practical. Maybe people buy them as gifts or they buy them because they look good, but I doubt many will get used regularly – at least when it comes to mobile devices.
    Using the eraser of a pencil instead will work very well when you touch screen elements but there might be too much friction when you draw lines on the screen. I have seen many engineers with mobile devices that need screen input and these engineers use ballpoint pens to write on them. There’s usually no ink leaving the ballpoint, but since they do this on a regular basis the screens of their devices look rather unsightly.

  4. Thanks for the information. How about using a blending stump that artists use? They can be reasonable sized, and have sharpened points, plus being made entirely out of paper they might not leave any marks. Not owning any of these devices I cannot try my idea myself.

  5. Maybe eraser tips that contain glass or pumice powder will solve the problems of reflecting screens in the long term (ouch!).

  6. Sorry i just saw it and what I mean is that ebras át. Brazil had already develop the pencil touch screen it is really pencil….not design like pencil.

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