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Today: just a few lines on different topics.


The Pen Rest

You might remember the Pen Rest, mentioned previously. The Pen Rest Kickstarter project has been restarted and is now fully funded. It can now be found here.


 High PPI Bleistift

I have changed the way pictures are being shown on this blog. If you have a device with a high pixel density then websites are being rendered in a different way. This affects many mobile phones and tablets, but also some computers. Basically your browser will display everything bigger so that things are not too tiny on your screen. For images that means that an image that is 540 pixels wide might be enlarged to be 1080 pixels wide. If you have a high pixel density device your computer will hopefully now load another image instead – one that makes better use of the resolution of your screen. It’s a bit like when the higher resolutions where introduced to some PalmOS devices (Yes, I had one. I was more of an Apple Newton user, but many years after the killed the Newton I made the switch to PalmOS). Unfortunately not all old images have been uploaded in a high enough resolution, but it should work for all new images.


Pelikan Wanderlust

I while ago I was part of Pelikan’s Wanderlust project. Pelikan will be holding a Facebook Event tomorrow. There will be many prices to be won. I will attend (online) as someone who wrote one of the letters, but will only join the event late as I am teaching in the afternoon and in the evening. Hope to see you there.

My Wanderlust letter
My Wanderlust letter

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