Staedtler’s new Mars 502 Lead Pointer Tub box

I’m not sure why, but the most popular video on the Bleistift YouTube channel is a video explaining how to use Staedtler’s lead pointer.

How to use a lead pointer tub might not be that obvious. That must certainly a factor contributing to the video’s popularity, but it still doesn’t explain why the video remains popular to this day.

Many of the comments show that buyers of the lead pointer often don’t know how to use it properly and that they wish they had known about the video earlier.

Three years ago, one of the comments (see above) posted under the video said that Staedtler should point to this video. Well, a few days ago a follow up comment was posted (see below). It came from Bleistift viewer Björn who found the video because Staedtler is now printing a QR point on the lead pointer box, pointing to the Bleistift video explaining how to use the lead pointer!

What a surprise that was!! Björn also sent some photos of the new box with the QR code.

Thank you Björn for letting me know and thank you Staedtler for linking to the video.

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