Not fit for a king

Not every pen is fit for a king, as can be seen in this article from The Guardian: ‘Oh god I hate this’: King Charles expresses frustration over leaking pen

King Charles III signing documents

His mother seems to have had more luck with pens. In recent days it wasn’t uncommon to see footage showing Queen Elizabeth II signing documents. This often included footage showing her using what seems to be the Parker 51.

Queen Elizabeth II using what seems to be a Parker 51

Not only her pen, also her ink was probably from Parker, as described in this blog post that was posted here in 2018: Stationery Factlets #3: The Queen’s Ink

3 thoughts on “Not fit for a king”

  1. Interesting to see the Queen using such a ‘normal’ pen – she could easily have used one costing thousands or tens of thousands, but instead chose one that almost anyone could buy and use.

  2. It seems obvious to me that the pen offered to King Charles was far too small for his hand. OR, he has a very unusual grip. Perhaps this had something to do with the leak and subsequent pique.

  3. He is not fit for a King anyways if he’s complaining about a leaky pen, it is a slap in the face. The title should have been given to William, just because this dude made so many errors. And our Princess Diana suffered the consequences, I really do not approve on Camila having a title, she’s no King consort she’s the Kings ho. They are both going to pay for their crimes, adulteres. What a role model for the rest of the world. I hope William takes over soon, his mother’s presence lives in him and Harry. God Bless those Boys.

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