A snowy Lumograph

If you are filming a movie or TV series set in the last fifty years and need a pencil to be used on screen, then Staedtler’s Mars Lumograph is not a bad choice at all: The Lumograph is available in many countries – unlike some other Staedtler pencils, for example the Noris that is extremely popular in some countries, but unavailable in others…

In the USA the Lumograph has been available for many decades. Lexikaliker previously showed an ad for this pencil from the 1950s.

Season 5 of the TV series Snowfall, set in LA in 1986, shows the main characters using the Lumograph. Nice!

2 thoughts on “A snowy Lumograph”

  1. It’s hard to tell for sure from the screenshots, but it looks like it’s a period-correct white text Lumograph. The silver text (and thinner paint!) of the 2006 redesign would be an immersion-shattering anachronism for all true pencil lovers!

    I’ve never heard of Snowfall, but a quick search has intrigued me. Would you recommend it?

  2. It is a very good TV series. As far as I know you can watch all seasons on the BBC iPlayer. The seasons get slightly darker over time, but not much. It might be worth trying the first episode on iPlayer.

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