A broken Orenz

If you read Bleistift blog regularly you might have noticed that I really like the Pentel Orenz. I think it’s the best sliding sleeve pencil since Staedtler’s Microfix.

The sliding sleeve works well and the pencil’s design is great, too, but unfortunately there is one weakness in the design that caused one of my Orenz mechanical pencils an issue: The metal clip is very close to the push button and there is only a very narrow strip of plastic to hold it in place. This narrow strip of plastic is will have to bear the brunt of any outward pressure the springiness of the clip cannot handle.

If you regularly clip the pencil onto slightly thicker pockets (or notebooks etc) the plastic will weaken over time and will eventually break off. In my case I regularly carry the Orenz in a pen pocket on my jacket. The pen pocket is not that thick, but apparently thick enough to cause this issue.

If you are squeamish please look away, the following photos, showing pencil mutilations, are not a sight for the faint hearted.

When the plastic from my Orenz broke off I didn’t initially notice as I was in a meeting. I just noticed that, when holding the pencil, the clip seems to be very loose.

Some closer inspection revealed the true horror and damage, though.

Here is a comparison how this looks like on an undamaged Orenz.

Please keep your Orenzes safe…

8 thoughts on “A broken Orenz”

  1. OMG, that’s a shame (but even my Lamy 2000 mechanical pencil developed a cracked slit between the joint area of the clip and the makrolon barrel)

  2. Furthermore, you can’t move the clip around the pencil body for personal preference, because the clip sits in a molded groove which is the shape of the base of the clip. To see the body print correctly the clip sits under the pencil body…which I find weird.

    …and yes, otherwise it is a great MP.

  3. Your Orenz suffered the same fate as mine! The fortunate thing is only one is damaged. I wonder whether I dropped the broken one more so than others?

  4. id00092, I’m sorry to hear this. The Lamy 2000 is more expensive so that’s even more annoying.

  5. Kevin, on the CdA the print is under the clip but not on my Orenz. Which Orenz is that?

  6. Shangching, maybe, or you just clipped it somewhere thick?
    The metal grip Orenz has the same issue 8^(

  7. The only item that the Orenz clip touched was the divider in the pencil case, which is made of fabric. So far, none of my 5 other Orenz has a broken part. Keep your fingers crossed that they will stay immaculate.

  8. Hmm, that sounds odd. I wonder if something else weakened the plastic, e.g. too long in strong sunlight at some stage..
    I hope your other ones will stay safe. The ones I got form you are still all fine 8^)

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