£10,000 per night, including pencils

If you want a holiday in style (and with nice pencils!) check out the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, featured in the BBC TV series Amazing Hotels.

A night there can set you back £10,000, but this will get you 600 m2 of floor space and some nice pencils: You get three Caran d’Ache Edelweiss pencils in HB, a Staedtler Mars plastic eraser and a Pelikan ruler.

Caran d’Ache, Staedtler and Pelikan (Image © BBC)

Luckily, these days the Caran d’Ache Edelweiss pencil is much easier to find than in 2012 when I did a review here on Bleistift – There seem to be several online shops inthe USA and in the UK selling this pencil now.

You can watch this episode on the BBC iPlayer (if your location allows). The screenshot was taken at 22 min and 58 seconds into the episode.

I believe that the use of the screenshot, taken from the BBC series Amazing Hotels, falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service

6 thoughts on “£10,000 per night, including pencils”

  1. Garth Gilmore

    I think I just coughed on my pencil shavings (I was in the middle of sharpening my clutch-barrel draft pencil, you see) right there. I’d much rather put that ten-thousand-pounds aside (I’m in Canada, so there’d be a fair bit more per-Canadian dollars in that exchange) and enjoy the comforts of my Tombow Mono Graph and Kuru Toga mechanical pencils, and plenty of Tombow and Staedtler Mars Plastic and Rasoplast block erasers, Mars Plastic and Tombow Knock and Zero clutch erasers, too, and be home at the same time. <3

    And I've lots and lots of paper for my drawings, of course.

  2. Being home is definitely a good thing at the moment. Even more so when there are so nice pencils waiting for you.

  3. Garth Gilmore

    Friend Memm, good evening! <3

    Home is a good place for me, and it's rich with drawing tool goodness. I have the Army of Eighty: 80 (eighty) Tombow Mono Standard-size block erasers, most of which I bought at a local art store before the Great Covidination met to seek combat with us.

    My Tombow Mono Graph 0.5mm mechanical pencils are my favourites for drawing, along with my two Kuru Toga Slides and one metal-body Kuru Toga mechanical clutch pencil in the same line as my Slides; I don't use my Staedtler and Koh-i-Noor barrel clutch-pointer lead drafting pencils (which we spoke of last time we were in touch) for my drawing as much as my 0.5mm pencils, but when I do get them out they're a treat to use, of course.

    So, this mighty left-handed drawing artist will suffice in his Palace of Pencilling. ^_^


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