Well, I managed to crack another screen protector for my phone. Time for a new screen protector.

I love how the hardness is described as 9H. I assume this is because the measure of hardness most people are most familiar with is the B – HB – H system used for pencils.

I image how the manufacturer imagines the customers to be very impressed: “9H… that’s as tough as it gets‽”

5 thoughts on “9H”

  1. Maybe you should get an HB as you cracked “another” screen protector. I think it would offer a better balance between the scratch resistance and crack resistance.
    9H is harder to scratch but cracks easily due to its hardness… :))

  2. Could be 9 on the Mohs scale, which would be impressive, but I guess 9H is impressive for most people^^

  3. “The only thing a 9H [pencil] is good for, is writing on tombstones.”

    —Eberhard Faber


  4. Thank you very much for your comments.

    Rares, that’s an interesting thought. Reminds me of ceramic kitchen knives, which stay sharp but can break.
    I already cracked three or four screen protectors in the last year. In my imagination the screen protector cracking is a good thing: The energy used up to crack the screen would otherwise have had to be absorbed by the phone – but I am not sure whether it really works that way. Probably not.

    Popsy, I never heard of the Mohs scale and had to look it up first 8^) 9H sounds hard, but then a pencil lead isn’t that hard compared to other materials I guess. Or is it? If people use an Elcometer (see https://bleistift.blog/?s=elcometer ) to scratch other things with pencils maybe it is..

    Sean, that’s a great quote. 8^)

  5. You might be right with the protection offered. I am not sold on glass screen protectors even though I have one on the phone but never cracked one, or screen. In my mind, the screen protector is practically “glued” to the screen so the shock energy is transferred to the screen as well…
    Anyways I like this 9H, as is explosion proof as well. Maybe this is the stuff they actually make bulletproof cars.

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