L’Amy??? 2

Today: Just something I want to show. Something I come across again and again on eBay UK and eBay Germany. I assume other countries are ‘affected’, too.

Whoever set up the stationery categories on eBay seems to think Lamy is a French word – L’Amy..

When I first came across this I thought this is another brand, but it’s really supposed to be our Lamy.

I guess German surnames don’t normally end with a -y, but Lamy is based in Heidelberg and my relatives form Heidelberg also have a surname ending with -y.


Since I got your attention: Something else I came across – in my computer’s app store.

There seem to be more and more apps aimed at bullet journal users – and they seem to get more and more expensive. I neither use bullet journalling, nor do I normally buy expensive apps1 ..but nevertheless, I find this an interesting development.

  1. I’m not keen on the idea of getting used to an app and change the way I work only to discover the app has been cancelled and won’t be supported after an OS update. I guess even big companies are no guarantee an app will stay, small companies are even less of a guarantee. I remember moving from an mp3 player to an Android phone so that it’s easier to listen to podcasts, only for Google to cancel “Google Listen”, their podcast app. Or think of Pebble. Fitbit bought their intellectual property only, but the rest of the company went belly up, leaving customers in the rain. []

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2 thoughts on “L’Amy???

  • David

    “Whoever set up the stationery categories on eBay seems to think Lamy is a French word – L’Amy.”

    It’s not “Whoever” it’s “Whatever”. This is a very likely a “smart” machine being dumb. Good luck to the person that’s charged with fixing this. Once “AI” decides something that’s wrong is right, it’s almost impossible to convince it otherwise. It’s like trying to un-bake a cake.

  • Matthias

    We are the robots
    We’re functioning automatic
    (Kraftwerk: The Robots)

    I noticed that there is a manufacturer of glasses called “L’Amy”. I assume that’s where eBay or their bots got confused. Well, I never heard of them but have known Lamy for decades, but I guess in the wider world it might be the other way round: many people might know L’Amy and hardly anyone outside Germany might know Lamy… I hope eBay will unbake the cake.