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Just a quick follow up from the last Pencil Blog Stats post.

I just thought I spell this out. Pencil Revolution and Pencil Talk have nearly the same number of posts.

Pencil Blogs - Revolution Talk
Pencil Blogs – Revolution Talk

If the post frequency of both blogs will remain the same as in the last few weeks then Pencil Revolution will soon overtake Pencil Talk in terms of blog posts published – probably this Summer

As always in this series: if the blog owner(s) contact(s) me and objects I will take this post about their pencil blog(s) offline, so there is a chance that some of these stats posts won’t stay.

To simplify the data collection the cut off point for this blog post was the end of the first quarter 2018.

2 thoughts on “Pencil Blogs – Revolution Talk”

  1. This analysis is fascinating — I feel like I’m watching the Olympics and the announcers talk about how much an athlete needs to score in a round to set a world record. Time to make the popcorn!

  2. Andy, as you’re behind one of the oldest pencil blogs yours will be added to the mix soon. Well, I say soon, but you might have noticed that things are quite slow here at the moment because work is keeping me very busy. I hope I will have more spare time soon so that I can do something for Bleistift again.

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