Dangerous Pencils and Fountain Pens

What a cruel world:

In the real world…

…people seem to be taking planes hostage with fountain pens.

Look at this headline from Sky News:

An Air China flight had to be diverted after a passenger held a crew member hostage using a fountain pen as a weapon.

Picture from Sky News (Image © Sky News)

In the fictional world…

..people seem to get tortured with pencils. In the TV series Bosch this pencil is referred to as the Black Guardian Pencil.

You might think the torture is down to the pencil being so scratchy – or so overpriced and doesn’t keep it’s point …but the fictional world is far more physical when it comes to stationery torture.

Last chance to look away…

Bosch: The Black Guardian Pencil
Bosch: The Black Guardian Pencil


The images in this blog post have been taken from Sky News and from the second episode of the fourth season of the TV series Bosch. I believe that the use of the images shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

9 thoughts on “Dangerous Pencils and Fountain Pens”

  1. Even once is enough! We must put a stop to this. BAN all sharp writing instruments. From now on only crayons will be allowed on commercial passenger flights.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments.

    Shangching, the pictures always look so good! Especially the scenes filmed in low light. It makes LA look so special and unique (which I guess it must be). You probably know most places in Bosch from real life, which makes it even better for you to watch it.

    David, but only the non-toxic ones (“Divert the plane or I eat the crayon”)

  3. I would say about 65% of th scenes in Bosch are in my neighborhood. Bosch’s scenic house is about 10 minutes away 🙂 The snow definitely casts LA in a more beautiful light.

  4. Shangching, that is soo cool.
    Are there many houses like this or only a handful? I remember first seeing them in a Lethal Weapon movie.
    Hehe, do you ever get snow in LA? I guess not.

  5. @David: not even crayons, as you can light them on fire (like a candle).

    @Matthias: another famous dangerous pencil is mentioned (but not shown) in “John Wick”, who is attributed to have killed three men – with only a pencil. (Apparently we can see this in action in part 2)

  6. Paul, reminds me when I did national service. When you’re out of fuel tablets to heat your food you can use the standard issue shoe cream instead 😄
    I heard about that movie, but haven’t watched it yet. Is it good?

  7. There are a handful of houses, like Bosch’s, near Hollywood Hill area. In fact, couple years back, I found that a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was only a few minutes away from where I lived. The house, unfortunately, was debilitated but last I heard, USC bought it and had a restoration plan in hand. Let’s hope it is true.
    Snow in LA used to be impossible but with global warming, you never know!

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