Kaweco Strawberry Pink and Peacock Blue

Exciting New Colours from Kaweco

Today: Another one of those ‘Something new from Kaweco, you read it first at bleistift.blog‘ posts.

The big news

China got two new limited edition colours: Strawberry Pink and Peacock Blue.

Kaweco Strawberry Pink and Peacock Blue
Kaweco Strawberry Pink and Peacock Blue (Image © wfjsb)

In other news

The AL Sport in rose gold is so popular that it is now available in many more countries.

Kaweco AL Sport rose gold
Kaweco AL Sport rose gold (Image © Kaweco)

..and the pen from the KAWECOxJECKYBENG cooperation is out now.

KAWECOxJECKYBENG  (Image © Kaweco)

..and a video

Since we are talking about Kaweco anyway: If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you have noticed my series of mechanical pencil reviews. Here’s a look at Kaweco’s mechanical pencil from the Special series. I will introduce this series of videos at some point in the future, but I thought with today’s topic being Kaweco this video can act as a quick preview to my new video series.

Watch on YouTube for fullscreen / HD.

I believe that the use of the images shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.


7 thoughts on “Exciting New Colours from Kaweco”

  1. Thanks for a wonderfully thorough video.

    Which small balance did you use to get the weight? It looks very handy for weighing things.

  2. Has anyone seen fake or copy-cat Kaweco Sport pens from China yet? I know the Lamy Safari is a target now. The simple yet somewhat pricey plastic Sport pens seem vulnerable to me.

  3. I don’t think Kaweco is being copied, and I as well consider the plastic and metallic versions of the Sport to be overpriced. Lamy is the less fortunate brand who has fountain pens ripped of on every chinese site.
    Either Kaweco has a very good legal department or they are less popular in Asia.

  4. Thank you very much for your kind comments.

    I bought it from Amazon for under £8 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00EPO9M2Y/ref=pe_385721_125910341_TE_dp_1
    To be honest I kind of wonder whether this is normally bought by people who take drugs, as I don’t think normally you need such precision, plus it only looks precise, but the values are slightly different depending on where you place an object. I tried to use this scale to determine which wood a Staedtler Noris is made from and produced a spreadsheet, but in the end the results were not consistent enough.

    David and Rares, there are fake brass Kawecos, e.g. this one, but I never bought one, I thought there might be lead in the barss, etc.

  5. Hi Matthias, I have a digital scale much just like the one you linked to. I do not use recreational drugs. One thing I use the scale for is weighing ink and toner cartridges to get a real idea of how full or empty they are. I also use it for measuring dilute aqueous solutions – when mixing fountain pen inks for example. (For dilute aqueous solutions essentially: 1ml = 1 cc = 1 gram.) Weighing jewelry is one common use where the 1/100 gram resolution is needed. By my standards, the precision of my scale to 50 grams is spot-on within the 1/100 gram display resolution. (Remember, precision and resolution are not the same thing.) The resolution and precision is a benefit of the modern mass produced Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) load-cell technology used in the scale. Designing the scale for lower resolution and/or precision would likely not reduce the cost. Have Fun 🙂 David

  6. Weighing the cartridges is a great idea.
    When I mentioned that the results are not consistent I meant that the precision is not as good as the resolution makes it out to be.. 😕
    I should look up MEMS load-cell technology. Does this mean that these cheap scales are usually really supposed to be that accurate?

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