Well, I never! A fake mechanical pencil – Pentel’s Orenz got cloned

I love sliding sleeve pencil and am a big fan of Pentel’s Orenz, so naturally, I couldn’t resist when, last year, I saw a fake Pentel Orenz for sale. Well, I say fake, but this copy doesn’t actually pretend to be an Orenz, nevertheless, it is as close as can be…


At the time when I bought it the fake Orenz wasn’t much cheaper than the real thing. I bought mine in November 2017 for £2.23 (~ $3.16; €2.55), but now you can get them for much less (£1.32 or $1.50 with free postage).

The Tian Zhuo copy and Pentel’s Orenz

Have a closer look at this pencil in my video.

The click-baity title and cover picture are thanks to some ‘advice’ from Techmoan.

Price: November 2017

Exchange rates: March 2018


5 thoughts on “Well, I never! A fake mechanical pencil – Pentel’s Orenz got cloned”

  1. To me, this is not a surprise anymore. Even though I did not expect at first to see fake pencils, the world is full of them. It’s like with everything else.
    i wrote a post about a few fake pencils that I saw (see link). For me the biggest surprise in this category is the Daco pencil which imitates the Rotring Tikky.
    I still wonder who buys them when you can get the Rotring for such a low price, and you get such a good value pencil.

  2. I somehow knew and forgot or never knew that PapernDigital is your blog. Well, I am sure I will remember from now on. Just recently I revisited your blog and had a look again at some of the great blog posts you wrote!
    I agree, regarding the Tikky. One thing to mention is that the Tikky nearly doubled in price on the high-street here in the UK in recent years, which might make fakes more tempting, but saying this: I never saw a fake in the UK.

  3. Thank you
    I remember you had a post about a store with writing instruments and I remember the price of the Tikky was very high. I can purchase the Tikky at around 2.5 Euro. So paying 1.2-1.4 Euro for a copy doesn’t sound a great deal.
    On the other hand it is as shame that rotring is pushing prices up while the quality is going a bit down. I feel that previous versions of the Tikky were better made.vious versions.

  4. Thank you for your comments.
    Rares, 2.50 Euros seems a great price these days. I know what you mean (price and quality). Saying that, I am happy that the Chinese Tikky has a brass clamp, like the German Tikky II.
    Boško, fixed sleeve and plastic mechanism? That seems like a bad step back. Thank you for the link.

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