This is a public service announcement. <Muzak playing in the background>

Many of our citizens have already been affected by a new type of fraud. The shameless fraudster don’t stop their relentless efforts to cheat us out of our well deserved stationery, working on schemes to exploit our deep desires for luxurious writing instruments.

The latest victim of the fraudsters is one of the staple pencils found in the office supply cabinet of bankers and dictators of small countries, the Graf von Faber-Castell Eine Cassette * hochfeiner Taschenbleistifte * Nr. II, versilbert.

Luckily, the forger behind this fake pencil that offers incredible resemblance to the original Graf von Faber-Castell made a tiny, but important mistake. This means that the fake pencil can be spotted without the need for carbon dating:
Unlike the real pencil, which is inscribed “Graf von Faber-Castell” the forger must have been a bit too much of a Tom Selleck fan and inscribed the cap ‘Magnum’. Open the picture in a new tab to compare the details. They also seem to have used a TiTi Kyung In T-Prime which had repeated appearances in this blog since 2009.

If you have any tips that could lead to the arrest of the forger please contact the Posh Stationery department of your local anti fraud organisation.

Just to spell it out to avoid misunderstandings: I can’t say this is a popular pencil (it’s not a popular Montblanc model) so I doubt anyone (other than myself for the photos in this blog post) would create a fake version.

6 thoughts on “Fake!”

  1. Maybe they made it for Magnum as a free gift to people who buy a dozen of their ice cream! 🙂 How’s the quality of the pencil in general?

  2. Perhaps the responsible ne’er-do-wells were trying to capitalize on the new “Magnum” format of the Perfect Pencil.

    First there’s “fake news”, now there’s fake high-end-discontinued-Bavarian-pencil Cassettes; they knew right where to hit us.

    (You know, this post startled me for a second…save stuff like this for April 1st!) 🙂

  3. hahahahah cheap SOBs that is a spent shell from a bullet. They may have just picked them up for free.

  4. Thank you for your comments.

    PingPing, oh – I only thought of Magnum, P.I.. If this is a free gift with Magnum ice cream I’ll certainly buy a dozen or two… The GvFC and the Titi are both nice.

    Sean, of course there’s the new Magnum Perfect Pencil, I somehoe alos made the association. As you can see on the photo the Magnum shell is a bit big for the Titi T-Prime, but I guess it would be too small for the Magnum.. Well, if there’s fake news then there have to be fake blog posts, too. I should have waited for April 1st, I guess, but it’s so far away…

    Less, I had to think for a few moments before I realised what SOBs stands for ?. The person who gave me the shell said they are not silver-colour anymore. I believe the new ones are brass(?) so won’t look as good on a pencil. I bet these are easy to get in the USA and would make great point protectors.

  5. Matthias: the forger is just re-using .357 Magnum shell casings. They must be located in the USA.

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