Exciting new colours from Kaweco

You might have noticed that guest posts are few and far between on Bleistift, so it’s even more exciting when there is one. The one today is from my wife who you might have seen on Instagram and Twitter as Paperbound’s PingPing.

If you are into Kaweco’s special colours you might have come across the Al Sport in rosé gold which was available in Taiwan, Macao and HongKong. It’s simple, stylish, and yet sophisticated!


A couple of days ago I came across the exciting news of more special colours that Kaweco are releasing in Asia end of September. Sebastian Gutberlet has confirmed that for the first year these will only be available for the Chinese market. This means that in the future there’s the possibility that these colours will be released to the rest of the world.

New Kaweco colours for China
New Kaweco colours for China (Image ©wfjsb)

There are three colours for the new release. They are (to my eyes): black blue for the Sport, grey green for the Sport, and red for the Al Sport. As a pocket pen lover, I use Kaweco’s (Al) Sport and Lamy’s Pico and compared the red colour of this latest edition with my lovely Lamy Pico in red. Well, from what I can tell, the Kaweco Al Sport is slightly lighter (pinkish) than the Lamy Pico, while still having the amazing sheen. Personally, I’d go for the red Al Sport ☺️.

I believe that the use of wfjsb’s image shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

17 thoughts on “Exciting new colours from Kaweco”

  1. Me too! The subdued colours look great. One if the first modern Kaweco’s (i.e. some Michael Gutberlet took over) was the ranger which was kind of similar.

  2. I love the rose gold AL Sport. Rose gold is a favorite color of mine. Any idea where I can get one? Any idea when/if they will hit the U.S. market? I’m willing to buy from overseas if necessary, although of course, I’d rather buy from a U.S. seller.

  3. Sorry; I posted my question too quickly! I found a rose gold AL Sport on eBay and bought it! BTW, out of the other new AL colors, I also like the red best.

  4. Hi Debi, thank you for letting me know. Glad you found a rosé gold so quickly! Some one from Taiwan contacted me on Instagram and said that she couldn’t get one soon enough and missed it. ? I also like the rosé gold colour, not many pens have this colour and in a Kaweco! Best of both! 🙂 Hope you will receive your pen soon and enjoy writing with it.

  5. Hey, Ping Ping! Thanks for such a quick reply. I honestly think that this was the fastest conclusion of a pen search that I’ve ever had! When I see something I want, I tend to jump on it. It only took me a minute to inspect the pics, conclude that it was authentic, and decide it was worth the asking price. I love rose gold, and when you combine one of my favorite colors with a fountain pen I already know and love, well, what more can I say? I gotta have that pen! I also love/collect teal demonstrator fountain pens. Well, demonstrators, period, but especially teal ones. Now, if I could only find a rose gold demonstrator! And that’s how an obsession begins…. 😉

  6. Matthias, you obviously know what I like. Great suggestion! I already have the Aquamarine Pelikan M205; got it about a year ago. To add to the depth of my obsession with both teal demonstrators and Pelikans (Pelikans are another favorite of mine), I added an M405 14K gold nib to it, and had it cut down to a stub. Now it is just about my favorite-writing pen. If you think of any other teal demonstrators, I’m always in the market! (That’s how obsessions work, right?) ha ha

    As far as the rose gold pens go, all I have so far are a couple of REALLY cheap Chinese rose gold-trimmed pens, and a Lamy Rose Gold limited version. I’m not too crazy about the Lamy; I hate to say it, but it doesn’t write very well for me. I guess the nib needs tweaking or tuning. The Kaweco will be my first really nice rose gold pen. I happen to have a couple of Kaweco 14K nibs. I’m considering having one of them stubbed (I also love stub nibs; can you tell?) and then putting it into the rose gold AL Sport. Oh, hell, I’m not even considering it anymore; I know I’m gonna do it! Once visualized, halfway there.

  7. PingPing – I looked at the picture. The Jinhao is pretty close to rose gold, but a little more orangey. Pretty, but wouldn’t be quite what I’m looking for in color. However, I liked the De Atramentis Cedar Wood ink. I like the idea of a cedar scent in an ink, plus the color would look pretty in the rose gold pen. Sort of a darker version of rose gold. Sorta. But I like it! I might go online and buy me a sample to try. Thanks!

  8. Hi Debi, glad to know that you find the ink interesting 🙂 I think it would be a nice match for the Kaweco rosé gold pen. If you do get the ink, enjoy writing with both.

  9. Debi,
    I have a Pilot 78G in Teal, but it’s not a demonstrator 8^(
    Is your Lamy the Lx? You could get a Lamy gold nib as a replacement, maybe you’d like the feel of the gold nib more.

    PingPing & Debi, the Jinhao is certainly good value for money, so not much money lost if it turns out to be not as expected. I have one, but haven’t inked it yet.

    Debi, if you can’t find a sample of the ink let me know and I send you one.

  10. Ping Ping and Matthias: yes, I really do like the Cedar ink, at least from just seeing it online. I’m gonna order a sample from Vanness. I like their samples; they give you a full 4 mm in the little vial. If I like a new ink in one pen, I like to try it in one or two other pens, to see how it performs in different nibs, like F, B, stub, etc.

    Matthias: thanks for the info on the Lamy 14K nib. I’ve replaced lots of other pens’ nibs with 14K nibs; don’t know why I never thought of doing it with my Lamy (and yes, it is the LX; very pretty). I really like the design of that pen, so it would be worth it to me to put a gold nib in it, especially since I tend to collect pens and things with that rose-gold color. So far, the iPenstore has them the cheapest, at about $89. Not bad compared to the price of some other gold nibs. I think I’ll go ahead and do that.

  11. And the are all mine! 😉
    After some serious import challenge I managed to get them all.
    Industrial Green (but I call it Chinese Army Green)
    Retro Blue
    (dont know the exact name of the bright red) Maybe Communist Party Red ??

  12. Harald, that’s awesome! Hope you enjoy them. I love collecting hard-to-find Al Sport colors. Did you find them online? Can you direct me to a site where maybe I could find them? I haven’t had any luck, except with the Rose Gold one. Thanks!

  13. That’s fantastic, Harald! Appropriate names, too. As it’s still the Chinese New Year celebration period – it starts from new moon and ends with full moon, I could also call it ‘China Red’. Red means luck in China, and I hope this red one will bring you lots of good luck for the Year of the Dog 🙂

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