Field Notes Fright

I just opened one of my Field Notes and the first page was completely torn out‽

How did that happen? I’ve always treated it well.

Any attempts at explaining what might have happened are welcome.

Malicious attempts by a third party and folding the page front cover to back cover can be ruled out. Like I said, this notebook was always treated well, that makes this so mysterious.

4 thoughts on “Field Notes Fright”

  1. Russell Simpson

    Where has it been? My last workplace, colleagues would tear pages of my notebooks all the time. Has it been in an office drawer or something?

    Also, is the back page still there? If not, somebody has definitely torn the back page out when you haven’t been looking.

  2. Thank you for your comment and ideas.
    It was in my backpack. Colleagues having done that seems impossible or at least extremely unlikely.
    The back page is still there.

  3. Sean, hmm. Maybe some nice pencils can cheer it up 8^) Reminds me of Tamagotchis now.

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