A firm pencil 2

Seen in the guardian weekend 27.02.2016.

From the guardian weekend 27.02.2016

In my opinion the Guardian is one of the better papers, but they do write odd things every now and then, like the one above or worse1.



  1. Yes, it is a bit funny. At least it’s not offensive, like their Thinking the wurst article, which was rather anti-German, like the stuff you could read in Murdoch’s News of the World when it was still around …especially around the time of football world cups. []

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2 thoughts on “A firm pencil

  • Sapphire

    It’s a bit funny in that annoying overgrown schoolboy sort of way you get when men of a certain age get together. Like the t.v. warning “contains adult humour” meaning the audience laughs whenever a body part is named.
    And what else did you expect from Julie Burchill?

  • Matthias

    I can see that it is a bit funny, but somehow it doesn’t feel right for the guardian… or maybe I should revise the opinion I have of the guardian.
    I had to look Julie Burchill up on Wikipedia. I have heard the title of her book, but I’m not really familiar with what she normally does.