Pencil to the rescue!

Move aside text markers, fine liners and others. It’s time for the hero, the classic, the tough pencil to save the day! Have a lock that needs changing? Use a pencil!

From a Samsonite lock
From a Samsonite lock

Even the instructions say you should use a pencil (and not a ball point pen).

You could try using a ball point pen, but who knows.. that might void your warranty ;^)

7 thoughts on “Pencil to the rescue!”

  1. Thank you Memm for the public service and valuable information presented. I think warranty is least of the worries in these days. If in airport, using incorrect method (ballpoint) you could be stopped at the security check (mistaken for hardcore bombing muslim)
    Joke aside, thank you for the time you put in this blog, I really enjoy reading your articles. I hope many more will come.

  2. Thank you for your contents and kind words.

    I guess ballpoint pens are something that terrorists would be using. Gandhi would have probably used a pencil 8^)

    I sometimes wonder why there aren’t many comments anymore on Bleistift. I don’t think the quality note is much worse in the past, so maybe it’s because there are more blogs or people interact differently on the web today. In any case i guess not many people are reading this blog, but it’s great to hear you like reading it. I plan on many more blog posts. The problem is I have too many ideas and too few time, so there’s already a long to do list with blog posts, but to keep at least some posts going I’ll have short blog posts like this one in between.

  3. terrorists and ballpoints..
    this makes me think of a movie I liked, “The man who stares at goats” where George Clooney, who is a former soldier from an army special unit (that uses mind power to control others or obtain information). He is accompanied by a reporter who wants to get his story and are kidnapped by terrorist. The reporter asks Clooney how will they get out, will he use his powers to convince the terrorists to let them go. And Clooney says that they have to create an image of fear and terror in the minds of the terrorists, and then he stabs one of them in the neck and a river of blood flies every ware, and in the mean time they escape.
    It is a lot funnier if you watch the movie

    I do not see a quality issue with the posts, and I enjoy the short posts as well.
    I think it has more to do with the readers, I like reading blogs, news feeds etc but I do not write my opinions in the comment box that often. Even though I read your blog from some time (on and off depending on available time) I think I have not written more than a handful of comments.
    It would be an interesting experiment to create a section for comments, on stationary where readers can talk, ask questions, discuss products and make suggestions. A topic free zone. Maybe more will interact in this topic free zone.
    I will try leaving more offten comments on your blog just to encourage and appreciate your work

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  5. I saw a poster for that movie when it came out, but didn’t know anything about it until now. Sounds like a funny, quirky movie. I should watch it when it’s on telly.

    I’m not sure how many comments you have written but I certainly remember you / your name.

    I think Lexikaliker has blog post like that where people can ask all sorts of questions. I’ll try to think whether and how to make that happen best once I am back. I am currently away and only have a very poor internet connection.

    I am very much looking forward to reading more of your comments and thoughts on stationery!

  6. Thank you for your comment.
    I was (also) surprised they picture a pencil, that’s why I couldn’t resist posting about it. The opening is very wide and not very deep, so unlike some other devices (radios etc) where a broken lead would be a problem.

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