Pencil Pot Of The Month – November 2015 1

Mars Tiegel (crucible) from Aug. Gundlach / Graphit Kropfmühl

Description: A pencil pot made from graphite

Price: €11.90 (in 2011) (~$12.70; £8.40)

Material: Graphite1

Further information: Lexikaliker bought this “Mars Tiegel” from the museum of the Graphit Kropfmühl PLC, now part of AMG Mining PLC. Now it’s mine and ever since I got it it is my most treasured pencil pot, storing my ready to be used pencils2. It is made by Aug. Gundlach, who describe their company as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of crucibles3. Apparently clay-graphite crucibles, like this one, are a thing, which means that a clay graphite4 mix is also used for manufacturing items other than pencils.

Price: 2011

Exchange rate: November 2015

Lexikaliker wrote about this black gold crucible in 2011. (Bing translation, Google translation)

There is also a great looking Graphit Kropfmühl pencil, previously shown in this blog post.

  1. Plus silicon carbide, aluminium oxide and silicon dioxide (according to Lexikaliker). []
  2. You can see this pencil pot in the background of the previous pencil pot of the month. []
  3. According to Wikipedia a crucible can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass, and pigment production as well as a number of modern laboratory processes. []
  4. Graphite has actually been used for thousands of years, i.e. before the famous deposit in Cumbria was discovered in the 16th century. []

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