Star Wars pencils

Even though I prefer Star Trek I like Star Wars, as you can see from the Stormtrooper fountain pen post, but at the moment there is so much Star Wars merchandise everywhere here in the UK, it already seems to be getting a bit too much – maybe not so much because of the quantity, but because a lot of it is just same old, same old.

Star Wars stationery
Star Wars stationery

Saying that: it was nice to see that there are quite a few pencils and pencil related items part of the Star Wars stationery range.

Star Wars stationery
Star Wars stationery

2 thoughts on “Star Wars pencils”

  1. Memm, those light sabers, err…sabres on the left. Is one of them a pencil? If so, is it a wood-cased pencil? If so, would what is the handle actually be a point protector?

    Probably not, but I thought I’d ask. 🙂

  2. That’s what I thought – I had pencils like the ones you described, which I bought from Paperchase. The only thing is: they weren’t Star Wars branded. I just had a look on the web and found that the ones pictured here are available for half the money at Rymans and that they are not pencils. What a disappointment 8^(

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