Daily Archives: 5 November 2014

2x Staedtler 8

Just a quick note – actually: two.


First: It looks as if Staedtler will release a new sharpener next year. What makes it really interesting is the article number: 501 180. The article number of their current rotary (i.e. hand crank) sharpener starts with 501. …and number 180 is associated with another, very nice product from Staedtler. Franken Bleistift


Second: I came across this article: The coloured pencil’s 180th birthday – a Franconian invention used around the world.1
Unfortunately the original article is in German, but here’s a link to the Bing translation and to the Google translation. The article talks about Johann Sebastian Staedtler’s coloured pencil breakthrough in 1834.




  1. With such a title I couldn’t resist displaying my Franconian pencil logo again. []