Welcome to the pencil land

Let’s be honest. People have really been struggling to remember how to spell Bleistift.


What was that address again for that pencil blog? Not the good one, the one with the brown/black logo at the top? bliestitf.mmem.de or something like that?


Well, there’s an easy solution to that problem now.

Welcome to pencil.land [1]“.land” is one of those fancy new domains. – where smooth pencils are plentiful and scratchy ones are banned. Erasers are dust-free and sharpener produce a perfect point every time.


I don’t intend to rename the blog, but I hope things are easier next time when you struggle to remember how to get here. The tagline under the blog’s name will therefore change. It used to be “don’t like scratchy pencils”, then it was “any old pencil won’t do” [2]Think Tina Turner’s Private Dancer, now I’ll have to add pencil land.


1 “.land” is one of those fancy new domains.
2 Think Tina Turner’s Private Dancer

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the pencil land”

  1. I found your blog has not added to the permanent browser bookmarks on request in the search engine – “Brunnen A7”, since most loyal assistant Brunnen). Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Russia 🙂 The new name is really much easier spasibki.

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    Andrew, nice to know that Bleistift made it as far as Russia. I didn’t get the bit about permanent bookmarks, though. Since you mentioned Brunnen, do you have anything to do with http://tvoybloknot.ru who linked to my Brunnen post?

    Carlos, you got a great collection there. I like the branded pencils on your site most. I don’t think I’ve seen a green Minerva before.

  3. I guess that means that Brunnen must be quite popular in Russia, if you and the owner of that web site like Brunnen. Are Brunnen product easy to find in Russian shops?

  4. Moleskin is very popular, but that’s about Brunnen think not many people have heard. And in rosskiyskih stores that I’ve seen the bulk see only moleskin. And what about his notebook notebook is firm Brunnen I ordered on the largest in Russia online – Ozon.ru, analogue of the famous Amazon :). Again I live in a Russian province in the capital – Moscow picture is different and I think Brunnen can easily find in retail stores.

  5. Thanks for this explanation. I assume there are also many Russian brands available, or are most notebooks from foreign companies?

  6. Hehe, I’m glad you like it. I prefer Bleistift, but think it’s just too complicated to remember the spelling – for a non-German speaker…

  7. Nice domain! I’m a big fan of these new TLDs that are showing up, like .land, .clothing, .outdoors, et cetera. Even some of the new ones like .xyz.

    This is perfect, especially for us dumb Americans who don’t know when to out the e before the i. 😀

  8. I hope all the different ending don’t make things more complicated. I guess something unusual like Amazon or eBay is easier to remember than something obvious (“was that address book.com, books.com, book.net, …”), but I guess Bleistift is difficult to spell if you don’t speak German, wouldn’t expect someone to be able to spell a foreign word, so has nothing to do with dumbness…. 8^)

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