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Blackadder’s pencil 5

Tony Robinson has been knighted at the Queen’s Birthday Honours, while Rowan Atkinson has been made a CBE. I think this calls for a quote from Blackkadder!

Blackadder and the Queen talking about pencils …in the 16th century. (Image © BBC)

From Season 2, Episode 61

Blackadder: Madam, life without you is like a broken pencil.

Queen Elizabeth: Explain.

Blackadder: Pointless.

The screenshots in this blog post has been taken from episode 6 of the second season of the BBC’s Blackadder. I believe that the use of the screenshots shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

  1. The one where the evil German Ludwig (Hugh Laurie) kidnaps and kills them. []