This is just a quick post to let you know that (most likely) you won’t see any long blog posts on Bleistift in the next four weeks or so.

My desk this morning.
My desk this morning.

I’m currently very busy at work and when that calms down I’ll be busy with other things …so it might be June before I get round to writing the blog posts I’ve currently got in mind.

6 thoughts on “Intermezzo”

  1. The items on your desk are very tasteful – I am sure that your work will benefit from it. Good luck for your work and other actions!

  2. Thanks for sharing this desk shot. Best wishes to work and other things!

  3. Shangching, thanks, everything else is well 8^) I hope for you, too.

    Gunther, thanks. I guess you must have recognised two of the items in the picture 8^)

    Claire, unfortunately my desk is a mess at the moment, so you’ll only get to see the part I’m constantly using at the moment (fountain pen with red ink, staple remover, eraser, paper clipper (Elle) and clips (in the Altoids tin)). Just outside the photo is a Leitz stapler and a very short Wopex in a Staedtler 900 25 pencil extender.

    John, and others: Thanks for your kind wishes!

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