Juniperus virginiana

…just arrived in Germany today. Travelled by ferry again, so lots of space for stationery in the boot [1]AE: trunk (just in case you thought of shoes…) 8^)

In the evening my mother called me because pencils were featured on prime time telly…

Rette die Million! (Image © Endemol/ZDF)


In the German version of The Million Pound Drop Live, called Rette die Million!, candidates were asked for another name of juniperus virginiana (Virginische Wacholder). The correct answer was pencil cedar (Bleistiftzeder). The candidates lost more than half of their money on this question.

Great to see something pencil related on prime time telly!

…taking photos of TV shows is so much better on my mother’s flat screen compared to our CRT at home [2]Just look at the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ photos I took from the CRT..


More about juniperus virginiana in the blog post Schwanberg and the Pencil Cedar.


The photo of the pencil has been taken from the ZDF TV show ‘Rette die Million!’. I believe that the use of this image falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.


1 AE: trunk (just in case you thought of shoes…)
2 Just look at the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ photos I took from the CRT.

5 thoughts on “Juniperus virginiana”

  1. Memm, CRT?…thats almost neanderthal…but if it wasn’t for a modern son (where everything over 5 years old is ancient), I’d be rowing in your boat too.

  2. …you make me envious with that ferry trip.You can visit so many countries so quickly. If I took a ferry and travelled due east of Sydney I would just miss the top of New Zealand and find land just south of Santiago, Chile.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I don’t see a reason to replace it while it is still working, especially because I don’t like how most affordable flat screen tellies display skin colours. They often feel wrong to me, with light and dark areas being too far apart, colourwise, and faces sometimes looking like a pink, rugged moon surface.

    I do like the ferry, even though the trip takes a bit more than a day – but if you fly you need to get to the train station, wait, fly, wait again for the second plane (as direct flights are usually much more expensive), fly, wait, train again, then car, and if anything goes wrong you miss the connection.
    Ferry is easier, but slightly more expensive: 200km relaxed driving, sleeping on the ferry, another 650km of relaxed driving, finished. Plus you can fill up the boot of the car with stuff that is cheaper or you cannot get in the other country.

    You cannot travel by ferry to Chile, can you?

  4. It wasn’t really dry humour. I remember a show with Michael Palin where he travels to Antarctica. I think he first tried doing so from South Africa, but it somehow didn’t work and I think he then travelled from Chile. SA to Antarctica quite a distance and I know someone who travelled from Europe to Australia and back by ship, so keeping this in mind I really thought there might be (not only cargo ships, but also) ferries for passengers from Australia to Chile…
    …but from my question you can see that I was struggling to convince myself that this is a lucrative undertaking.

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