Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2011

Sean from the Blackwing Pages just sent me this link with information about Graf von Faber-Castell’s Pen of the Year 2011. Just in time for Faber-Castell’s 250th anniversary the new Pen of the Year has a Faber-Castell theme: it is made from Russian jade and is green like the Castell 9000 …okay, I admit – maybe not exactly the same shade of green. Some other anniversary products this year are green, too – e.g. like Faber-Castell’s anniversary book mentioned at Pencil Talk, while others other not, e.g. Faber-Castell’s 250th Limited Color Pencil Box.

Graf von Faber-Castell’s Pen of the Year so far:

2001: Olive wood (at the time not yet called “Pen of the Year”)
2003: Snakewood
2004: Amber
2005: Galuchet (Stingray leather)
2006: Mammoth Ivory and Ebony
2007: Petrified Wood
2008: Indian Satinwood
2009: The Equus (horsehair fabric)
2010: Hunting Rifle (walnut and case-hardened steel)

I would like to thank Sean for letting me know about this pen.

3 thoughts on “Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2011”

  1. Thanks for posting this. Even though the Pen of the Year is far out of my reach – It is a fantastic idea.
    I wonder how they write – they must be very heavy! However, I will buy one before I die. 😉

  2. Thel Boyette

    I have a 2001 Olive wood pen and am wondering what the value of it is today? Thanks, Thel Boyette

  3. Hello Thel, the exact amount is difficult to determine, I guess. The value is whatever a buyer is willing to pay. It might be worth having a look at Martini Auctions or on eBay.

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