Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection

If you like fountain pens you are probably also interested in ink. Pelikan has released a new series of luxury inks, the Edelstein Ink Collection [1]Edelstein is the German word for gemstone or jewel. The price for a 50ml glass bottle is €12.90 (~$16.75) in Germany and £11.95 (~$18.50) in the UK. The Edelstein inks are available in seven colours. According to Niche Pens they will be available for purchase towards the end of September.

More information about the Edelstein inks from Pelikan.

More information about the Edelstein inks from Niche Pens.


1 Edelstein is the German word for gemstone or jewel

4 thoughts on “Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection”

  1. The Writing Desk also has this on its website, though a quick check shows only Aventurine and Jade are currently available. I don’t know what the ink is like, but the bottle does look er, inspired by Caran d’Ache’s Colours of the Earth series and of course, Pilot’s Iroshizuku inks.

  2. I didn’t notice before that the Writing Desk has them in stock. Thank you for pointing this out. Even though I like Pelikan and I might buy one of the Edelstein inks I am not too keen on what Pelikan is doing here. I worry that they try to establish themselves more and more as a luxury brand. When my mother went to school Montblanc was a normal brand …and school kids used MB fountain pens. Today it is a very expensive product ..and to be honest I can’t see what’s so special about MB fountain pens compared to other brands.
    Going back to ink: De Atramentis started with very reasonable prices for ink and then their prices went through the roof, too.
    It takes me forever to use up a bottle of ink these days, because most tasks have to be done on the computer, so I don’t mind paying £12 for 50ml, just because it will last so long. It should not be much more expensive, though.
    At least I still have a chance to use ink. I work for a University and we still mark students’ work with pen and paper. We also have lots of paper forms to fill in, but more and more things are being done online. My wife works for another University and they mark electronically. I guess in five or ten years’ time there won’t be many opportunities left to use fountain pens and pencils at work..

  3. Hi Matthias,
    Just a general comment that your blog looks really good, especially the banner picture 🙂

    Thanks for the recent posts….

  4. Hello Sean,
    thank you very much for your comment. As we all now GvFC pics can look amazing, as seen in the fantastic Pencils and Music blog ..which, i hope, will make a come back 😉 .
    The banner picture was obviously inspired by the pictures I have seen at Pencils and Music and is actually a part of an image from this post

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