One-off production Pelikan key rings

This might be of interest for readers who like Pelikan:
Niche Pens just sent an email to their customers, telling them about one-off production Pelikan key rings. They will be giving them away to customers who buy pens from the Souverän or Ductus range. Unfortunately I was not able to find a photo of the key rings on their web site.

Last December employees from The Pen Shop in the Trafford Centre (Manchester, UK) told me that they will have offers on Pelikan pens After Christmas / New Year. I have not seen Pelikan pens there since. Instead they seem to focus on cheaper brands (Their choice of Pelikan pens in this particular outlet was never very big anyway). The Pen Shop is however still selling Pelikan pens on their web site, other outlets might do as well.

2 thoughts on “One-off production Pelikan key rings”

  1. Thanks for the info. First I read the headline “as on-off production Pelikans” – that really caught my attention 🙂 . I like Pelikan pens too, but my youngest specimen is from 1962, so I don’t think I can benefit from this offer. However, it is good news on the “ephemera” front.
    Regards Henrik

  2. Oh, would you mind telling me which pen(s) you have? Some of the old Pelikans look absolutely fantastic.

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