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While looking through The Pen Company‘s products last week I came across a slightly unusual pen from Scheinder: the Base Senso. The description read ‘This rollerball can sense when too much pressure is being applied, and will warn by illuminating the light at the end of the pen‘. How curious.

Schneider Base Senso

Easger to find out more I went to Schneider’s web site which provided some further information: The pen ‘indicates when too much writing pressure is exerted and teaches how to judge the right pressure for fluid writing. Ideal for beginners and for people with motor difficulties‘.

Image © Schneider

There’s even a seal that implies this pen has been developed together with a a joint expert.

An interesting idea. I’m just imagining a classroom full of children with blinking pens…

Pimp my pen

I haven’t had a good idea (yet?)…

…but there’s still time to enter The Pen Company’s  Pimp My Pen competition, where you can win a £100 (~$155; €135) voucher to spend on pens.

Today is also the last day of JetPens’ 10 days of giveaways.

Exchange rates: February 2015.

The Pen Company’s competition is open to the entire world. JetPens’ competition is open to U.S. residents.