Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Staplers

I’ve been using stapleless staplers for quite a while and have a clear favourite, but in this blog, I didn’t really give them the attention they deserve. It’s time to change that with this blog post.

Kokuyo Harinacs stapleless staplers

My most commonly used stapleless staplers are from Kokuyo / Harinacs. You can see them in the photo above. Kokuyo itself is a Japanese company that can trace its root back to 1905. They are linked with many companies and brands… not only with Harinacs, also with Camlin, the Indian pencil manufacturer, and with Gambol – you can see Kokuyo Gambol paper in this recent blog post.

Kokuyo Harinacs stapleless stapler

This green stapler, also available in other colours, is the SLN-MSH110G. It can staple up to ten sheets. When I bought it several years ago it was £7.73, but these days you can get it for £6.14 in the UK and for $8.37 in the USA.
Kokuyo Harinacs stapleless stapler

This white stapler, however, is my favourite. A few years ago I paid £9.79 for mine. It also got cheaper. It’s now £7.20 in the UK and $9.25 in the USA. It can only hold five pages, but they are crimped together, so it doesn’t look that bad if they somehow get detached.

To watch the video about the staplers in 4K please open it in YouTube.

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