School Stationery in Britain and France 1

While in the UK school is coming to an end for this academic year France is already thinking ahead and is looking at Back to School stationery.

In the UK supermarkets are currently filled with ‘Thank you Teacher’ items. The link to stationery is obvious. Thank you, my teacher – or should that maybe also be ‘Thank you, my pencil’ like in Kunio Kato’s Oscar acceptance speech..

Thank you teacher, thank you my pencil.

while Britain is saying Goodbye to the old academic year France is already thinking about the stationery you’ll need for the next academic year. If you were always wondering which 29 stationery items a French pupil needs have a look at this article by The Local.

A French Noris… 2

..wallpaper, that is: A French Noris wallpaper – a new Noris related post after the blog post about the Franconia Noris and the Franken Noris.


You might remember Lexikaliker’s blog post from 2013 featuring the Noris 1100 pencil. Back then he told Sean and me where he got them from: they were from someone in France. I couldn’t resist and bought some, too. The seller was kind enough to include the packaging for one gross, probably because I bought the last ones he had.


I like the packaging so much that I use it as a wallpaper / desktop background on my computer. I asked Staedtler whether I could put scans of the packaging on my blog for download. I wasn’t sure whether they’d agree, because we are talking about a scan of their material, not just a photo pf a product, but Staedtler was kind enough to allow me to post Noris wallpapers for people to download and use.


Many modern monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9, so I made two 16:9 wallpapers. I used the highest resolution I have heard of (Retina 5K) thinking that you can always scale down. I also made one wallpaper with an aspect ration of 5:4, which is the aspect ratio older monitors use. I know that they are other aspect ratios around, but I thought this should cover most – and, too be honest, I don’t expect anyone (except myself) to actually use these anyway.

Right click New tab or Download Linked File

Wallpaper: Right click New tab or Download Linked File

Wallpaper: Right click New tab or Download Linked File

Wallpaper: Right click New tab or Download Linked File

Wallpaper: Right click New tab or Download Linked File

Wallpaper: Right click New tab or Download Linked File


After I scanned them I started to remove the stains in a graphics editor but then stopped and thought “Why am I removing these when many logos etc have artificial marks added afterwards?1” – so I just left the stains. They do look nice I guess, and hey: the packaging nearly sixty years old. If the packaging was a British citizen it would get a free bus pass and heating allowance soon.

In case you are wondering: that’s Nuremberg on the packaging, where Staedtler is based. Here’s a photo so that you can compare the towers visible on the packaging to the photo (photo by DALIBRI licensed under the Creative Commons license).

Burgraviate of Nuremberg

Nuremberg Imperial Castle – photo by DALIBRI (CC license)

The image download instructions (Right click New tab or Download Linked File) are browser dependent. Depending on your browser and language settings the menus might have different names. Also right click in this context is just your secondary click. If you are left handed it might be the left mouse button.

For some amazing close-up photos and more information about the Noris 1100 please visit Lexikaliker.

I’d like to thank Staedtler for allowing me to make the wallpapers available for download.

  1. For example to look as if they were stamped or written on a manual typewriter or printed on paper. []