Visiting the Life by city’super store in Shanghai

Here’s the last video from a previous trip to Shanghai.

This time I went to the Life by city’super store in Shanghai. Like the Lamy store in the last video this store is again in Raffles City, at the end of FuZhou Road.

City’super is a supermarket chain that concentrates on imported food. I think they are originally from Hong Kong, but are now also in Shanghai (and maybe Taiwan).

They have a lot of choice but are generally a bit more expensive than other chains with imported food. I did have some bad experience there in the past (bought food that then turned out to be mouldy), but nevertheless going there is usually an exciting event.

They have now also started to open stores that only sell non-food items, they are called ‘Life by city’super’. In the video you can see what to expect in these ‘Life’ stores.

Interesting fact: As far as I know Patrick from the Scription blog is or was the stationery buyer for this chain.


Here’s a link to the video on YouTube.