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Earlier today Lexikaliker published a blog post about uni-ball’s Jetstream. Have a look, his Slim Compact looks really good.

One detail is rather curious. He never experienced line variation issues with his Jetstream pens whereas I regularly experience these issues with all my five Jetstreams. This makes me think that this is not a one-off quality control issue. Instead, it might have to do with writing pressure or writing angle (The latter seems more likely, just because I assume my writing angle deviates more from the average Jetstream user than my writing pressure).

Have a look at the two ‘e’s and the ‘y’ in the example below.

Jetstream line variation

6 thoughts on “Line variation”

  1. Thank you for showing this sample! The variation is clearly noticeable. May I ask which tip size do you use? Maybe the variations are larger with broader tips.

  2. Nearly all my Jestreams are from Hobonichi and the ones that aren’t have the same tip size. The squares in the photo are Hobonichi squares.
    What do you think might be the reason? Pressure or writing angle (I always use a fountain pen style angle)?

  3. I think that both pressure (and the variation of it) and the writing angle can result in varying line widths. Do you use the Hobonichi pencil board? If not, the Jetstream tip may press into the paper a bit which could result in a larger contact surface which in turn could increase the line width.

  4. Most of the time I use the pencil board. My writing pressure is usually not enough to make any ‘dents’ in the paper. The mystery continues? Honestly, I thought all the Jetstreams are like this – until I read your blog post.

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