Good Bye Bureau Direct

Gloomy news. In yesterday’s newsletter Bureau Direct announced that they ceased trading after 23 years.

It is sad to see them go [1]despite them messing up an order I placed and being not that good at trying to get it right. Their website doesn’t currently mention that they stopped trading, but since the newsletter explicitly stated it trading I am not sure whether any orders placed now will be fulfilled.

An excerpt from their newsletter:

As of now we have ceased trading. Sadly the difficulties of surviving in these turbulent times has claimed another retail victim, one that will never hit the headlines or be discussed on Newsnight, but maybe should because so many similar stories will occur and affect so many people but never get heard.


1 despite them messing up an order I placed and being not that good at trying to get it right

2 thoughts on “Good Bye Bureau Direct”

  1. so this is very sad news. it indicates that even small online retailers can not complete in the virtual world.

    more background information can be found here:

    however, this article from Bureau Direct’s director tells you of the costs of running an online business which will give you clues as why the company became insolvent:

    the company is effectively closed down. do not order from the website.

  2. Thank you for the links.
    I assume that the fact that they were based in London meant that running costs were quite a bit higher without any real advantage for online customers.
    I am not sure why they couldn’t take the website offline. It seems a simple thing to do and would have been useful. Not everyone will have subscribed to their newsletter so there must be people ordering who don’t know that Bureau Direct closed down.

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