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You might have noticed that Bleistift is much quieter than it used to be. This is mainly down to a change at work, which will keep me more busy for the next few months [1]The good news for a fan of wood cased and mechanical pencils is that the new job title includes the word “lead”..

There are a few unpublished, half finished posts plus there are videos from the last few months that have not received the accompanying blog post yet. New blog posts in the next weeks and months will probably be mainly made up of these kind of articles.

Before I disappear from the blog again for another few days, here are a few stationery related things I have noticed that I want to share with you.

This puzzle sorter looked quite possibly useful for stationery-related purposes. I wonder whether it would make a great stackable pen storage. The packaging was sealed, but as far as I can tell each tray (there are six inside) should provide enough depth for a pencil.

These Japanese transfer from Clover are pencil I haven’t come across before. Curious…

One last surprise: you don’t get to see a Pilot pen on exhibition in your local museum very often. The museum had an exhibition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the East Lancashire Calligraphers’ Guild, including some of the tools used and some of excellent examples of calligraphy.




1 The good news for a fan of wood cased and mechanical pencils is that the new job title includes the word “lead”.

4 thoughts on “Pens on Exhibition”

  1. Good luck with the change at work, Matthias! I hope that the stress is only temporary. – The puzzle sorter looks useful. Each tray measures 20 × 20 and is about 1.7 cm deep to it could really be perfect for most stationery. – Have you tried the clover pencils? They look very interesting!

  2. I’ve always appreciated your posts, but I’ve never ever whatched one of your video, or any video review by other commenter on other topics.

    So I hope that you’ll continue to make new articles, which may be easier if you’re busier.

    And remember that no review is far worse that a short but passionate review 🙂

  3. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Gunther, thank you, I hope so, too. Regarding the pencils, I think I am more interested in the sorter than the transfer pencils, I can’t really think of a situation where I could use the Clover pencils properly.

    Gianni, thank you. Actually making videos seems easier, at least to me, than writing blog posts, but that is probably because I don’t put very much effort into making the videos, which shows. My current plan is to try to aim for one of those ‘complete a half-finished idea’ posts per week, definitley short, maybe passionate 😉

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