Racing Ducks with Staedtler’s Minerva

Waddington Duck Race

When visiting the Waddington Duck Race, a duck race taking place once a year here in England’s North West, I was happy to see that the bureaucratic side of the duck race was run by Staedtler’s Minerva pencils.

Waddington Duck Race

The Minerva didn’t used to be common in the UK at all, but a few years ago it suddenly made it into lots of corner shops.

Staedtler Minerva

My employer, a university, also sold it in its shops. Unfortunately, since then the Minerva has disappeared nearly as fast as it appeared.

Waddington Duck Race

This made me even happier when I found many of them in the booth where the race tickets were sold (in the cardboard box in the photo above). They were used to record details of participants.

Waddington Duck Race
The race started at this end.

Luckily Staedtler pencils haven’t disappeared. They are still the staple pen of British schools. I hope this will be the case in the future, even after Staedtler’s switch to more Gmelina wood.

Waddington Duck Race
Goodbye, Waddington


4 thoughts on “Racing Ducks with Staedtler’s Minerva”

  1. I always love your articles. It’s sometimes difficult to comment someting worth saying when everything is said in the blog post, but please continue !

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    That’s what I thought would happen. In reality it works like this: all the ducks have numbers and you can buy a ticket (£1 for a good cause). Each ticket has the number of one duck on it. If your duck wins you get a basket full of goodies.

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