Cost Cut Copic Copies

Remember the Aldi Copic copies I mentioned two months ago? I checked every week whether they started lowering the price. Today I finally got lucky.

My local Aldi only lowered the price a bit, but after so many weeks of checking my desire to try them out got higher and higher and I couldn’t resist. I hope long term they’ll turn out to be as good as the real thing. My twenty year old Copics are still working well.

If you’re in the UK and after some cheap Copic alternatives this might be your chance.

2 thoughts on “Cost Cut Copic Copies”

  1. Appeasing alliterations are amazing 😉
    I tried them and they seem good so far – but being alcohol-based means their advantages also come with disadvantages, mainly that they completely bleed through paper.
    I assume it is because normal paper has some sort of starch layer on top to prevent ink from bleeding through. I assume this only works with water-based ink, not alcohol-based inks which just ignore the starchy layer and prefer to suck right into the paper.
    The real reason might be different than my explanation. It would be great if someone who knows about paper or chemistry could explain what the cause of this is.

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